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Short Plays



Synopsis: A tired and stressed writer has just hours to finish his play in order to meet his deadline, but he has forgotten the ending. He only has the two characters in his play to help him, but will they be of any help at all?

Are You Comfortable?


Him - A psychologist.
Her - His patient.

He seeks to find out the truth of Her fathers death, but will she




The Blackbird

Synopsis: A true story which at some point spins off into a yarn, told by my late grandfather about his role in WW2. He had many stories, I remember some, sadly I did not record him telling them to me. So this is a small sentimental piece which I hope to play the role of my grandfather one day.

Aircraftsman Plumridge and Squadron Leader Boden await at the side of a runway late one May evening, for the last remaining bomber to return home......

Her Smile

Synopsis: Michael, on business but relaxes in a hotel bar one night after passing a beautiful stranger in the lobby. As he contemplates an evening of drinking or returning to his room for an early night, the beautiful stranger appears once more at the bar.......


Cows 'N' Moon

Synopsis: Four cows discuss the possibility of jumping over the moon, a dog finds it hilarious and a cat plays the violin, familiar....?

Miss R.R.Hood Versus The Wolf

Synopsis: Miss Red Riding Hood arrives at her Grandmothers house only to find she has been replaced by a wolf. Familiar story? Yes, But all is not quite as it seems in this twist to the well known fairy tale.


Coming In

Synopsis: Malcolm and Janet prepare for their son coming to tea bringing in a new partner for them to meet, only to be presented an unexpected announcement.

This piece has had an audio production on the "Theatrical Shenanigans" Podcast -

Scripted Characters

Synopsis: Stage directions never get much say in a script, hidden away in brackets. Is it now their time to speak? What about props, music, set etc...…?


Silent Vows

Synopsis: A Monk and a Nun meet on a park bench in summer. Both are observing vows of silence. But they find other ways to communicate.......


Synopsis: An inventor brings his latest invention to the table of three millionaire judges, hoping to win their investment, as part of a TV show.


Daddy's Safe

Synopsis - All he wants is the code for her Daddy's safe. All she wants is to scream. Who will win?

(Written as a prompt from the word 'Scream')

Come in for Coffee?

Synopsis: Ian walks Cathy home after their first date, a meal in a nearby restaurant, where the subject of coffee seems to have dominated the conversation. Cathy wants to share her love of Coffee, but Ian wants more.

This piece was selected for a virtual reading by Tiny Theatre -

sex in.PNG

Sex In Strange Places And Other Self Help Guidance For Couples Over 50 Who Want To Stay Together

Synopsis: Malcolm and Janet, later in the evening after the events of my play COMING IN, sit in bed reading. Malcolm is engrossed in the novel, The Book Thief. Janet has other ideas for the night, and a book with a very long title.

The Crown versus Santa Claus

Synopsis: In the Crown versus Santa Claus, poor Father Christmas finds himself in court for his illegal encroachment into the month of October. Can his defence lawyer Ivana Letimov set him free?

Crown vs.PNG

A Ruby in a Sky of Diamonds

Synopsis - April stands outside during a party on a hot midsummer's night, alone. Until a beautiful stranger joins her under the stars. But is this stranger more than she seems?

(A Day in) The Life of Pie

Synopsis: PI John Pie receives a letter from a mystery lady by the name of Kay, she needs him to find the murderer of her father, X. Will this wizened old ex-cop be able to follow her clues and track down X's Kay all she seems, who really was the shoeshine man... and does anyone care......?

(A song lyric based play noir.)

(A collaboration with Morey Norkin -


Y & Z

Synopsis - Y and Z speak via telephone, Y is in mortal danger, can Z help?

(A short horror for radio/audio.)

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