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The Bear Series

Originally inspired by a black and white picture of a teddy bear in a child's crib, The Bear Series is a series of adventures of Great Britain’s first ever Vampire Teddy Bear.

The series has now grown to six monologues with the first being converted into an animated cartoon for YouTube and being broadcast on the podcast "Gather by the Ghost Light".

You can access reading copies of the six monologues below, as well as read their recommendations.

Images by by Martha Lysa from Ukraine.

Part 1.png

Part One


Bear begins life in a little town house in Frankfurt, 1941, but all is not well with the world......

Part Two

A Teddy Bear with unusual powers comes to face his impending doom!

Part 2.png
part 3.png

Part Three


Bear describes how he became Great Britain's first ever Vampire Teddy Bear.

Part Four


This time Great Britains first ever Vampire Teddy Bear takes Manhattan!

Part 4.png
Part 5.png

Part Five

In July 1982, Intruder Michael Fagan successfully managed to break into Buckingham Palace and even made it into the Her Majesty’s Bedroom where he came face to face with Queen Elizabeth II. This is The Bear’s version of events that night.

Part Six

This time Great Britain's First Ever Vampire Teddy Bear finds himself at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London for a performance of The Winters Tale. But it's a dark and stormy night.

part 6.png


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