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Miss Charlotte

Synopsis: An old house recollects and looks back fondly at it's favorite tenant.

(A short monologue, ideally for radio.)

I Am Esmerelda

Synopsis: Esmeralda, a young hurricane in the Caribbean, sits and waits her turn to make her mark on the world.


Production for YouTube -

(A short monologue, suitable for radio.)

I Am Esmerelda.PNG

Today I will go to him

Synopsis: She stands in the hallway, nervous but intent, takes a look in the mirror, takes a deep breath and decides.....

(A short Monologue.)

To My Dearest Wife Mary

Synopsis: A middle aged man leaves a trail of 3 letters to his Wife Mary.

dear wife mary.PNG


Synopsis: A parent stands at the shore of a lake reminiscing about their daughter and what could have been, although written as a man, the narrator can be a woman.


Synopsis: Olly is much bigger than the other boys at school, which has its uses. But Olly leaves school early, to work on the farm, "because there's not much point in you doing exams", where he meets the farmers daughter, Isobel. This meeting changes his life forever.


Fairytale of the Street

Synopsis: A homeless man in a doorway of a shop on Christmas eve tries to comfort himself against the cold, his fears and his memories.

Baba Mikey

Synopsis: A father speaks to his sleeping baby son.


The Weak Link in the Chain

Synopsis: The narrator is held back and restrained by chains, but are they physical or metaphorical chains?

Autumn's Fall

Synopsis: Autumn, a lady aged 67 falls over in a supermarket, did she 'have a fall' or simply fall over?

no words.PNG

I have no words

A True Monologue. - Martha, a talented artist living in Ukraine, comes to terms with life in an invaded country.

These are Martha's words only, I am simply the scribe. This is a record, taken from her messages between us. This is Part One, I hope and pray Part Two has a happy ending.

Any royalties from this piece will be sent directly to Martha and her family.
(Please take time to see her beautiful artwork in The Bear YouTube video

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